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location_onTaipei, Taiwan
Art of Paper Lanterns【Jun】
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Xinyi, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
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▪️ Please make an online reservation in advance.

▪️ Open to individuals aged 15 and above.

▪️ We reserve the right to verify the eligibility of registrations. Participants who do not meet the requirements will be processed according to the cancellation policy. Your cooperation is appreciated.

▪️ This workshop is designed for individual participation only. Please select the number of registrations based on the "actual number of participants." We do not allow accompanying guests, infants, or companions.


Paper Lanterns

* The amount is subjected to the payment page.

The Highlight

Welcome to our collection of paper lanterns, where elegance meets tradition. Each lantern in this series offers a unique design, carefully crafted to embody the essence of Eastern aesthetics. Their understated yet sophisticated appearance pays homage to the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

Versatile in their application, these lanterns seamlessly complement any setting, whether it be a serene studio or a contemplative corner in a study. We believe in elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing each space with a distinctive ambiance and grace.

Our aspiration is for these lanterns to seamlessly integrate into your surroundings, illuminating your life with refined beauty and timeless charm.

The Experience

▪️ Meticulously crafted curriculum and customized add-on options developed by 997 STUDIO.

▪️ Guided step-by-step by our instructor, focusing on delivering the most professional service for you.

▪️ Take a 1-hour break, enjoy your meal, and return promptly as scheduled!

▪️ Before checkout, please verify the reservation details. ✅ Reservation is considered successful only after the deposit payment is completed.

🔻 Please read the information and cancellation policy in full. By signing up, you indicate your agreement and compliance. 🔻


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Price Details

Purchased items (Pay on the day)

How to Use

  • Voucher will be sent via email. Please show your e-voucher at designated location.

Important Booking Information

🟠 Check-in will start 10 minutes before the class, please be on time for the class and avoid any delays.

🟠 Cancellations, late arrivals of more than 15 minutes, or absences on the day of the class will be considered as forfeiting the eligibility to participate, and the deposit will not be refunded.

🟠 Entry will not be permitted for late arrivals exceeding 15 minutes. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

🟠 This event may taking photos or videos to capture behind-the-scenes moments and creations of the participants. These may be shared on social media, official websites, or other media outlets. To protect your rights to privacy, please inform us in advance if you prefer not to be photographed.

🟠 We have two cats who may roam around during the class. Please evaluate whether you can accept this before registering.

🟠 997 STUDIO reserves the right to make final interpretations and decisions regarding all matters related to this class.

Cancellation Policy


We kindly ask you to carefully read through the instructions provided on this page. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us by email or LINE, we will do our best to assist you. Any reservation is considered an acknowledgement of your agreement to all the policies and guidelines associated with the booking. ✅ Cancellation - Reservation preparations begin upon booking, covering staffing and procurements. Regrettably, deposits are non-refundable for personal reasons or reduced attendees. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ✅ Postponement - If a postponement is required, please contact us by email or LINE at least 5 days before the class. - A 10% deposit will be charged for postponement requested 3~5 days before the class as a handling fee. - No extensions will be accepted within 48 hours before the event. it can be transferred to others for attendance as scheduled. - Please be aware that modifications to each order are limited to one time. If there is no response within the agreed-upon period or upon course completion, it will be automatically canceled for your convenience. - If you find any of the mentioned conditions disagreeable, we kindly ask you to refrain from registering. Your understanding is much appreciated. 🙏 🔻 In the following situations, the deposit will be refunded after deducting a processing fee of NT$30 - In the event of inclement weather, the decision to cancel the class will be based on government announcements regarding "class suspension". If your city is subject to related restrictions, please inform us in advance through our "LINE Official". Thank you for your cooperation. - In cases of unforeseen emergencies or circumstances beyond our control (such as power outage or equipment failure) that result in the class being unable to proceed as scheduled, we will notify you of the cancellation through email or phone. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Destination Info

No. 11, Ln. 452, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City
■ MRT ■
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station
Taipei City Hall Station
Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station
■ YouBike 2.0 ■
No. 19, Ln. 496, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City
■ Paid Parking Lot ■
Upark PARKING LOT(Ren’ai Rd)

Art of Paper Lanterns【Jun】